This is the Site of Juliette Bergmann


Unlike Other sites I like to keep this as simple as possible.


Why? because I do not like to make it difficult for you and for me.


I will only show pictures and information which I feel is important and interesting.


About me, for who not know me yet:


I'm Born in  Vlaardingen, the Netherlands from an Indonesian father and a Dutch mother. I have a sister Liona Bergmann and a brother Rinus Bergmann from who I am the oldest. I'm in Bodybuilding since 1981 and a member of the N.B.B.F./I.F.B.B. from 1982. My sister followed my footsteps in Bodybuilding so we are the 2 BB's.


 I won many competitions in Womens Bodybuilding as a lightweight but the major titles (all IFBB, I never competed anywere else are:

Dutch National Champion 1985

European Champion 1985

World Champion 1985

Pro World Champion Women 1986

Pro World Champion Couples with Tony Pearson 1986

Ms. Olympia Lightweight and Overall 2001

Ms. Olympia Lightweight 2002

Ms. Olympia Lightweight 2003


I am conducted in the Hall of Fame in 2009 and in the Netherlands announced as the Best Bodybuilder all times. 


In the sport I developed myself as a judge, National, International & Pro judge in IFBB events.


Since 2009 I am the president of the IFBB in the Netherlands the Dutch Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and a member of the I.F.B.B. executive council.


I live in the Netherlands and in Thailand with my partner but my hometown is Middelharnis, the Netherlands.


Juliette Bergmann

President IFBB Nederland

Nederlandse Body Building en Fitness Bond

IFBB Executive

IFBB Ms. Olympia

PhD in Bodybuilding & Fitness Methods






These are for me the most important websites to receive information about all I.F.B.B. amateur and I.F.B.B. Pro league events and news.








Ofcourse this fansite of me is also a must to see when you are interested to see more of me:




And the site from the K.N.K.F. the organisation in the Netherlands where IFBB Nederland de Nederlandse Body Building en Fitness Bond  is a part of.





My favorite Forums are:








Not to forget my favorite BB & Fitness magazines:


Flex magazine

Muscle & Fitness

Sport & Fitness

Muscle Mag



But most important the gym were I build my winning body:



I like to give back to the sport what I retrieved because the IFBB made me the person I am today.







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